Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok-so todays mission is a little bit of market research for Kirsty! (see her blog for details on the eyelash disaster lol)
This is what I use, photos don't show it up too well but I promise this stuff works.
The product:

Image hosting by Photobucket

The eyelashes before mascara (I know they are fairly long already I promise there is nothing on them)

Image hosting by Photobucket

And the other eye, with mascara on: bear in mind this photo is zoomed out a bit compared to the other pic-

Image hosting by Photobucket

Dontcha just love the camera lens (and my hands) reflection in my eyes!!
Might update again later...but for now-take care blogettes...I am off to scrap!


Anonymous said...

Mascara is annoying isn't it? I wear it every day but I hate putting it on and I hate taking it off. I just want dark lashes. You lashes look great by the way.

Kirsty said...

oooo h you look like a lash goddess - i want that mazzy! thanks for the review - im chuffed to bits.

my ebay thingy has gobe up to £6.50 ..... this world is binkers

Beth said...

Well, your lashes look lovely with the mascara on, but tbh, I think your lasheroonies look lovely and longer without it on, but I'm just saying what I think.

Sweet Shirleen said...

I might treat myself to that one! The one I use is rubbish, really mine are long enough I need em thicker!

I love love love your header, my lil man, well certainly the only one who has sat on my head!!

domestic goddess said...

lol correna, need this right now as the one i boufght recently is horrid

Anonymous said...

wow - I needs that !