Friday, March 24, 2006

My love affair with a certain BoB!

OK so we are now officially allowed to talk about it! I was very priveledged to be named as one of the winners of Best of British scrapbooking and cardmaking :) To say I was chuffed to little mintballs doesn't even begin to explain my excitement. I entered the advanced scrapping category, and am still somewhat stunned that I was picked as a winner. Mart made me promise that I would enter, so I did! Congratulations to all of the other winners too, especially to Anna, Jaq, Anam and Karen. Good on ya gals! What was quite amusing, is that I marked it on the calender (see pic above) in my excitement...and now I'm getting comments about whether I am having an affair with somebody called Bob! Even my niece asked me!

I seem to be losing my battle with scrapbooking this week, I think it is just the frame of mind that I am in. So to combat this I have been doing very fast and simple layouts. And dya know what? I feel sooo much better for it! It really is art for art's sake, but it is working. Who said you have to spend hours on one layout? Well they were wrong with a capital wuh!

This picture has already been scrapped. So there are no 'heritage' reasons for it to be done again. It really is art for art's was the work jasmine was doing when I took the pic. I think that sometimes it's great to make something 'just because'.
I did have fun doing this layout...and chose the colours mainly because I wanted to use the gingham brad in the middle of the flower! I made that myself! Well not the actual brad, but I covered it with gingham fabric and I love it!

Next week sees the NEC opening its doors to mad crafters again, and I shall be among them! Really looking forward to it this year, Ali and Paul will be there with clevercuts for the first time-so excited for them! I am soooo buying urban couture. I have resisted for so long for financial reasons, so I swear if nobody has it at the nec, heads will roll!

See ya the morrow!


Anonymous said...

Well Done BOB!!!

I am well proud of you hunny!! You deserve every little bit of it.

Take care and can't wait to see you next week, please remember other people need Urban Couture, so don't dribble on it all


Ali, and Levi

Shell said...

Fab layout!!
Well done on BOB hunny!

Mel said...

Congratulations on being BOB - and I love the layout - sometimes doing it "just for fun" makes for the nicest layouts. Mel x

Candice said...

Congratulations on being one of BOB! You deserve it, that is a lovely LO!

domestic goddess said...

well done babes on BOB, I am so so happy for you, i am still contemplating NEC this week, will let you know if i am coming
btw love the 81/2 x 11@ LO scrumptiois

Paula said...

Congratulations again! Love the BoB sign!