Sunday, March 12, 2006

honest IS creative genius!

If only I could genuinely make that claim! I spent a frantic morning yesterday trying to pack parcels to go off to the post office, since it is a trip I can only make once a week as they closed all the local post offices down. This is the resulting mess! Well is other stuff too that was littered about the house and thrown back in here. So that is my main task for this afternoon...I neeeed space! Wondering where my hairdresser is too...think she has forgotten our appointment, and my hair is in desperate need of about 10 inches lopping off!

I know I didn't post my little announcement, but not entirely sure how much I am allowed to say yet. Suffice to say I had some VERY exciting news on Friday, and you may call me BoB! *snigger*
Many congrats to the others that had the same fabulous news too.
Also I should hopefully have a step by step project in crafts beautiful magazine in Junes (on sale May) issue. Nowt too huge, I think it is going into a little book that comes with the mag.
It's all go at the moment!
Hope you are all well
TTFN ~x~


domestic goddess said...

so exciting, cant wait to see your project hun
congrats from 1 bob to another

Sweet Shirleen said...

Woooo you is a clever gal!Congratulations!

Rena if that's mess you should see mine! I'm currently sharing my bed with an eyelet setter and a basket of punches!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations hun. Paul is so proud that a BOB has designed things for us. He would plaster it all over the sample board if I let him!! He is going to do a lovely gallery page with your bits on, so another chance to see your name in lights (well pixels)

Have a good day


Ali and Little Man

Shirl said...

Post Offices have a lot to answer for...I can only send anything on a Saturday when hubby can go to ours for me. So that effectively bars me from any mail order activity. And they call it a service industry!

Kirsty said...

tidy it up now -you naughty girl