Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Is what I am! Absolutely cream crackered! In other words, I am pooped...but that woulda been a whole different pic for today! ;)
Had a horrendously manic couple of days, 7am starts, 4 hours sleep...blisters, aching muscles and bones, the list goes on!
So tomorrow is 'me time' I need to do mundane housey things, and hope to scrap! Managed to bag a bargain of a printer on ebay, I have been without a printer since about last October, and I can cope no more! Am totally skint now, but hey ho! Not too long til payday. Hopefully along with my printer, I am hoping my mojo may find its way back home! The ideas are there, but by the time I get the pics sent off, printed and returned I have lost all the inspiration I had!
About to retire to my boudoir, so just a quick entry on my blog today! Shirl my love, you need a photography has improved big time since I got mine, and the quality is second to none in my opinion. And that goes for every fuji camera I have ever owned!
TTFN blogettes ~x~


domestic goddess said...

quite agree on the fuji front, i am so loving playing!!

hope you feel less cream crakered and more ritz crackered!!!

Sweet Shirleen said...

Awww babes hope you feel better soon!
I just want all my birfday money NOW so I can play before I go back to work! Ho hum!