Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a quick one ;)

Manic day again today, mobile phone lariats arrived along with some gorgeous beads :) Ooooh I was in my element! Took Jess to the vets for her booster jabs, and she was a perfect angel as usual...and again got a perfect bill of health :)
Simba wouldn't come out of his cage tonight, most bizarre...until I realised that it was because he could see the pet carrier in the hall...moved it out of his sight and he came straight out...funny boy must have thought he was off to the vets too!
Have my doctors appointment tomorrow (for those of you who know the situation), still not worried but a little bit anxious now...will not worry until I know what I am dealing with as there is no point wasting my little bit of energy on worrying!
Hairdresser was ill yesterday, so after my doc appt she is coming round to chop my locks, then I need to be brave and get my head shots sorted out for the show in olympia 2! I hate being the 'wrong' side of the camera!
Hope you are all well and happy...really pleased to see how Kirstys challenge has swept t'internet!
TTFN ~x~


Anonymous said...

Bless Simba, Levi loves going to the vet, that boy will do anything for a bit of attention!! Because he is so starved of it!!

Thinking of you at the doctor, let us know if we can do anything

Take care


Ali and Levi

Beth said...

Thinking of you lovely, hoping all will be well. You know where I am if you need me.

Beth XX