Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The new me perhaps?

And all for a bargainous price! It is amazing how a few little things can make you feel heaps better in yourself! Now in true mastercard style:

Contact lenses: £30

New haircut: £7

Super lengthening mascara: £8

Teeth whitening: £15

The yummiest lipgloss in the world: £4

A bit of sunshine in a bottle: £6

Feeling like a 'normal' know the way this bit goes! ;)

Docs was ok yesterday, ruled one possibility out, and off for more tests tomorrow. Sure it will be fine :)


Anonymous said...

You look fab hunny!!

You now need to scrap that piccy as well!!

Take care

Ali and Levi

domestic goddess said...

wow missy you sure loo the biz, i need some of that but it will take a lot more!!!!

Kirsty said...

you look bloody acevilles - i could almost snog you!!

found this darling - for you

Beth said...

You look lovely Rena, and it's so natural. You must definately scrap this one.

Love Beth X

Sweet Shirleen said...

Isn't she luuuuuvly isn't she wonderful!

Actually I always think you look tip top darlink! But it makes you feel better having a splurge on yourself eh?

TraceyT said...

purty girl indeed x

Jennie said...

Swit-swooooo, foxy laydeeeeeeee!!!