Friday, October 28, 2005

Thursday already?!

Phew what a busy two days! Was too tired to update last night!
Well me and mah man had our renunion yesterday, god I missed him so much, and managed not to cry when I saw him!!!! It was weird after 6 months of not seeing eachother but so totally wonderful.

Ok for those who wanted to know the details: basically he insured his car (mitsubushi evolution mega expensive insurance) he got a good quote, so took the insurance with them. When the form came back to him, he rang to check as the form didn't say 'evolution' on it, but the guy he spoke to said yeah it's on record we know it is the evo. So he then got a demand later on for another £900. Mart said he wasn't paying it, because he was given a quote and that is what he had paid (fair enough) so they took mart to small claims court. He had to fill forms in for the court hearing, now at this point it may be wise to tell those who don't know that Mart has terrible memory problems. They started after a bad crash which killed his best friend and left him in a coma for 3 months. He had started getting a lot better, then about 2 years ago someone hit his van and he was knocked out cos he hit his head on the window, from then his memory got worse, he gets rather confused, and I have seen for myself how much worse it became after the second crash. So he filled the forms in, and they asked if he owned any property, technically he doesn't, but after his Mum died, and his Dad remarried, the family home had been put into Marts name so if anything happened in his Dads new marriage, it would be safe. They also asked what vehicles he owned, and he said about his car, but not his van fleet, as this is in his Dads name for the business they both run. They did some digging, and because Mart had signed once for the tax forms on the vans, they declared him as lying. So basically two (kind of but not realised and not deliberate) lies, and he was sent to prison for a year for perjury. How much does that suck?! On top of that the claim for the car insurance, well insurance co lied so he had to pay the £900 plus costs. What a bunch of wankers.
Anyway it is all over now, I am furious that for something so small he gets a year, yet there are rapists, violent people etc who get a warning, or a really short sentence, where is the justice in that?
So pleased to have him home at last.

Other news, yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch in Over. Totally fab day, absolutely magical. Will add a pic. I could waffle forever about it but I will save your eyes! Suffice to say I will be going again. They do something for Christmas too, so will have to go for that!

Today, another busy day, did domesticness this morning, made 4 casseroles, mucked animals out, went swimming this afternoon, then a few drinkies and dinner with a mate.

Tomorrow off to stables, followed by more hecticness! I love half term! Next week will seem so calm and quiet!

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