Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Am cross posting this from the forums, as I want as many people to see it as poss!
My Nan has been very nastily robbed today. A family friend went to visit her earlier, as normal, went into Nans kitchen to make a coffee as she always does, my Nan went back into the kitchen to get something, (they had been sitting in the dining room adjoining the kitchen) to see an arm retreating from her back door complete with Gills handbag. My Nan shouted out to Gill, the bloke legged it, got confused, smashed through the back door going to the back garden, got through it, hotfooted it through Nans back garden, jumped the fence and climbed across the garages at the back of the garden. While he was climbing up he dropped Gills mobile, everything else is lost now. She was having a VERY large sum of money transferred into her bank today too so have informed them. In her bag was everything, car docs, mot docs, a fair bit of cash, all her cards, photos, and her daughters house keys. Thankfully her own house and car keys were with her in the dining room so she could drive home and get all her details to phone the bank. My Nan is 78 years old, scared shitless, and on her own. She doesn't want anyone to stay with her but I know she is scared :( She nearly always keeps all the doors locked whether she is in the house or not. This one time it was unlocked some bastard has invaded her home. So girls whether you are there or not keep your doors locked please. Off to sit with her tomorrow.In relation to this, Nan never got a good look at him, apart from the fact he was white, that was all she could tell the police, but a friend of hers that lives in the same close, had just collected her pension this afty, and was walking back, and at the bottom of the close was a "very shifty looking" bloke, and she was too scared to pass him. She saw a man she knew and called over to him and he walked her back. Turns out the same bloke was hanging around in the same spot when Gill arrived, so it appears he followed her :( If you take nothing else from this post, just remember people will take advantage, this was broad daylight while he knew people were in the house. Go and lock the doors please xxxx

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