Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh well here goes...

Ok so I vowed never to do it yet here I am! I have never been much of a diary keeper, apart from the odd few times as a teenager. So why am I blogging? Blowed if I know! Maybe I just need somewhere to let off a little steam. Who knows!
Mad day today, Sean now has cellulitis, very advanced, in his foot after trapping it under a forklift. It was getting so much better then bam, swelling again etc. Docs said this afternoon that if the (1000mg!!) of antibiotics (times 2) don't work within two days then straight to the hospital, and if it doesn't go he could well lose his foot as it is so advanced. I am sure it will be fine (fingers crossed eh!).
Simba has been odd today, he seems to have lost his whistle! It sounds really strange, he was a little quiet last night when talking, but now when he tries to whistle he sounds almost like he has a croaky voice! Bizarre. He is eating and flying (that's the other thing-he flew into the window today, not like him) but I can't take him all the way to the vets and say he has lost his voice! Will keep a close eye on him.
Good news on the creativity front, sort of! I have made nearly 25 cards today for Christmas...not for my own cards, but for requested ones for charity sales. I like doing good, selfless deeds for those less fortunate than myself. Though if you could see the scowl on my mug most days you would think I had nothing to be thankful for!
Anyhoodle, I didn't expect my very first entry to be so darn long!
Happy scrappin!

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