Sunday, October 23, 2005

on the 22nd day of blogdom...

Geeeez my life is sooooo dull and dreary sometimes!
Ok...see those boots down there....yep those gorgylish brown flowery boots of heavenlyness? THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!! Mwahahahaha! Last night I thought sod it and ordered in a few days they will be in my grubby mits and on my feet quicker than you can say boo to a goose!
Been shopping today, spent a fortune in smiths and am skint already, only got paid yesterday, that's not good! But I now have the fabulous bookazine featuring Jen, Kirsty and others, flicked through it quickly, lookin good gals!
Finished a layout last night and have to say I am rather pleased with it, not sure why I like it, I just do...that is quite unusual for me, I normally think they are 'ok' but am rather proud of this one. Yet more of my scrawl too. I faffed about putting things on, taking things off, and then stuck it down and walla! Having no printer is KILLING me though! Have finished two cj's this week and sent them on their merry way, a couple of crimbly card designs done too.
Gonna decorate the spare room this week, and then start scrapping a bit more, can't wait to have the house to myself in the days again (yes Sean is still off work grrrrrrr) I get so much done when there is nobody else here!


domestic goddess said...

love, love this lo, adore the stitching and flowers around the photo, gorgeous hun,get it submitted !!!!
So whats the new job you have then babes?
Hope all is well
big hugs to you
anna x

Sweet Shirleen said...

Loving the colour on that LO deary!

greyparrot said...

new job? hummmmmm what did I say? No new job...just decorating for me! Would submit but already uploaded on uks...most won't accept it then will they? Thanks for the comments!