Friday, October 07, 2005

I know I know!

Yes I know, I was never going to blog and yet here I am just hours after my first post rambling again. Simba is really concerning me, I have tried and tried to get him to whistle but he just can't. He is still talking (very quietly) and eating, which is a good sign. So I am going to phone Neil and the team at the avian vets tomorrow morning to see what they say. My rock of a buddy Amy has displayed her true friendship yet again, comforting words cos she KNOWS how I am feeling right now, and will take us over to the vets tomorrow if they want Simba in. Bear in mind we have to go all the way to Swindon, what a star she is, ready and willing to drop everything for me and my boy. Too many people are of the attitude that he is 'just a bird', not to me, and not to Amy, she understands when nobody else does. So off to my bed for a night of worrying and not sleeping, nighty night xxxx

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domestic goddess said...

oh babes, i hope simba gets better, try and rest up yourself as well,

anna xxx