Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tell me why...

I don't like Mondaaaaays...tell me why...you get the picture right?
Well I am now feeling suitably guilty about last nights blog, even though it is all true. Phone went at just after 2am to say friends Dad died at 2am. So yes I do feel guilty, but on the other hand we all know the story of the little boy who cried wolf. I think this applies here. So as much as I feel bad about what I said, I don't take it back, as a rule I don't generally say things unless I mean them. So now to await the funeral...could be interesting...his wife wants me in the front car *insert shocked emote* So today has been filled with phonecalls, and I mean filled, as soon as the phone has been hung up it rings again. My life is so filled with doom and gloom right now I fear I don't have enough shoulders for everyone. I need to be there for everyone who needs me right now, not just over this death but everything else that has been going on. Never mind my own personal woes!
Shit I sound like a right grumpy cow...well I AM! LOL! Not really, just merrily bobbing along just now! I shut myself away in my bedroom today, and tidied like a frenzied flylady gone wrong, then decided to paint my wardrobe doors, except that before I knew it-it was 5pm and needed to be getting tea on the go...so I have one dark wooden door and one cream one!
So tomorrow I am up at the stables all day...Wednesday I need to be whipping up a culinary delight, and Thursday I should be at Nans getting some bolts fitted and other jobs she needs doing...and then it is Friday and possibly stables again, not sure yet, so errr when do I get my wardrobe finished?! Sod it who cares!
C'mon boots, mama needs you!

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Sweet Shirleen said...

My shoulders are bigger 'n' yours so you can lean on me anytime you like precious!
Don't feel guilty about what you said. Oh and my boots better hurry up too then we can stomp all over people eh?