Monday, October 10, 2005

Bout time I updated!

What a hectic few days!
Ok soooo...Friday, Amy bless her lil cottons came round to see how Simba was doing, rang the vets and Neil rang me back later. He wanted Simba in that afternoon for an endoscopy. So Amy being the absolute trooper that she is managed to find someone to have J (bear in mind there was nobody about yet she still managed it!), picked us up and off we went on our long journey! Neil was worried that Simba may have aspergillosis, a nasty fungal infection that attacks the voice box, then travels to the windpipe, eventually closing it off and suffocating the bird. Neil gave Simba a general anaesthetic, and did his endoscopy, swabs and whatever other tests, and discvoered it isn't aspergillosis (thank god) but he does have an infection and swelling in his windpipe, which is why he couldn't whistle properly. So a shot of antibiotics, a shot of pain relief and anti inflammatories and Simba was allowed home complete with a new graze and bump on his face! Home medicating is not going well! I have holes in my hands that are so sore, but I don't care, as long as Simba is getting better, which he certainly seems to be, his whistle is getting better and better. He has to have steam therapy, which he is fine with. He is eating well and still flying, all good signs. Had to phone the vets this morning to get the swab results back, there was no growth on the culture platelets, so I have to carry on medicating until they recheck the platelets tomorrow, and if needs be I have to go back to the vets to get different meds. I think Simba is responding to these but we shall see.
Spent a large part of last night frantically scrapping for uks scrap wars cybercrop, in fact I finally managed to fall into bed sometime around 3am! Still I got a nice amount of points, so I did my bit for the Jedi's! Heck I even have some nice layouts too!
Got Nan here for dinner today, bless her, it is her wedding anniversary today, the first without my Grandad :( so we have been up to the cemetary too. God I miss him so much. Can't believe it's nearly a year since he died.
Supposed to be sorting out the spare room today, have to get it finished tonight, as the plasterer is in tomorrow! Best get a move on *sigh* alas I do have to be at the uks scrap wars winners party tonight at 8 *grins*
Be good everyone, ttfn!

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domestic goddess said...

glad to hear that simba is on the move, you are brave doing the cyber crop, i just dont seem to find the time, fingers crossed you win something, which i am sure you will,
hugs babe

anna xxxx