Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Queen of whitewash...

Nowt exciting today, yet more whitewashing of stooodio! Considering whitewashing the door now too...and my baskets...and anything else too!
I have significantly recovered from my little scare last night...I plugged in the poot and KAPOW! Lil explosion, big orange flash, and pretty orange sparks landing on the carpet! Oopsie! I think plasterer managed to get water in the extension lead! One plug pin appeared to be wet, not good. Thankfully poot is ok!
Really enjoyed 'lost' tonight. That programme just gets better and better. Sat in floods of tears when Charlie 'died' then shat me pants when he was revived! Can't wait til next week for the next eppy!
So back to the boring humdrum that is my life today...missing Mart something chronic, and need to keep busy, got plenty to do though so it shouldn't be too hard, I just need to be able to not 'think' :(


LoveforMovies said...

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domestic goddess said...

ooo computer sparks not good hun, so is the studio nearly finished hun?

and ps: switch word verification on to stop spamming lil blighters ggrrr