Saturday, October 15, 2005


Do you ever spend what seems like forever mulling something over? Well the last few days have been like that for feels like weeks though. Every little thing that could possibly be analysed, I have pondered...and not just the big things either, the little everyday things, I am sure it is bad for me!
I seem to get like this every now and then, and much as I ponder things, nothing ever seems to change that much, I guess I have thrown myself into redoing my stooodio as a way to escape all of this thinking. It doesn't help that I am really, hugely missing Mart at the mo, big time missing him, counting down the weeks, days, hours til I can finally see him again :( I never thought one person could have such an impact. Life sucks at times. Come home babe.
Been trying to come up with designs for this years Christmas cards, made a few samples up, determined to get more made this year than I did last year! Got a few nice ones, but nothing with the wow factor I strive for! I did manage to get all the charity cards finished for Hils though! Hurrah!
I was really saddened by Anna's blog tonight. To hear that a 5 year old is being bullied, poor Izzy, children can be so cruel. I left a comment for Anna, saying that it is always these children that tend to be more empathetic towards others, and it is true. Izzy will grow to be a lovely caring young woman, of that I am sure.
I think I need a new project to sink my teeth into, not sure what's all this pondering you see..I told you it wasn't good! I need something to challenge me, be it creatively or academically, who knows, and I can't find that thing that I need to be doing!
Still, while I wait for inspiration to strike on that front I think I will go out tomorrow and buy myself some new boots...I am sure that will help things ;)


domestic goddess said...

Darling your comments ment a lot to me , thank you very much xoxoxoox
Now these gorfeous, scrumptious to die for boots, are these the oens you have bought, cos they are stunning!!!! I want some ,lol
Hope you are feeling abit more creative today, I do know that feelinghugs
anna xxxxx

greyparrot said...

Nah just lusting over those boots, but who knows, if I have an unexpected rush of cash in the bank I just might have to have them!