Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What a long day...

Blurk! Was up at ridiculous o'clock again this morning after another insomniacalish night. Still I think the work blokie is finished now, THANK GOD! Now on to the task of sorting rooms out and then decorating....that being the only part I don't mind doing! I am thinking a nice beige and cream...mmmmm!
So, riding day today, took J out across the fields on Suzie after a manic start when we got to the stables to find it deserted (apart from Gill and Jessie!) this wouldn't have been a prob apart from the fact that David had locked the office, which is where the hats are kept! Made it out eventually, and had another fab trek on Leckie hill, God I love it up there, all your worries and troubles melt into oblivion. Bliss.
Didn't see Max, but had long lovely cuddles with Henley...pic is a-comin! He is so sweet bless him!
Had a few drinky poos with Amy tonight, and I think we put the world to rights, after a huge natter the only subject we really covered was men, so it seems they cause most of the problems in the world...well you all knew that already right?! ;) She is however still fag free after 2 weeks and 2 days! How the hell does she do it?! I am proud of ya babe :)
Simba is still getting better, he melted my heart today with 'come on babe' and 'alright gorgeous' whadda man eh?!
So off to the land of sandman, ready for more whitewashing tomorrow!


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