Thursday, October 20, 2005

I feel sick

Horrid to the pit of my stomach sick. And I'm not ill.
Spent the day with my closest friend today. Heard some very shocking news, poor lass had her home barged into by someone she knows, who then proceeded to beat the crap out of her. All while my friends 5 year old daughter slept. My friend did not defend herself either...why? Because the woman that did this was pregnant, AND this womans daughter was in the room watching it all. Sick huh? The thing is that my friend did NONE of the things she was being accused of, and still got a beating for it. She will not press charges either. And to top it all off, this woman is getting a male family member to phone my friend and leave her threats by answer machine. They have sat outside her house for hours. Why are people like this? It really saddens me...big time.
On a lighter note we had a lovely afternoon, even though it poured and poured with rain, resulting in two rainbows at the same time, wish I'd had my camera with where are the batteries for it again?!
Still lusting after my boots, may just treat myself!
Here's hoping for a happier blog tomorrow....and a fandabbydozy eppy of lost tonight!
Be good munchkins!

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domestic goddess said...

OMG Correna hun this is awful!!!
I am sat in here in absolute shock and dont really know what to say. I hope your friend is OK and gets things sorted.

Anna x