Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Life is a rollercoaster...

just gotta ride it??
Hell yuh! Wow whadda day! Prepare for random jibbering, blathering and other 'ings'!
Well, where to start? This morning was particularly uneventful, mate came over to pick me up and went for lunch and yet more conversing with police (they must think I get everywhere!). Then came the major incident for the day...MY MAN IS HOME!!!! Jesus I am so happy, I keep getting all teary. Love him, I knew nothing about this, he wanted to surprise me, *wub wub wub*...problem was I was on my way to the stables!!!! Love him, he got out yesterday, and has been at work since 4am today, I have spoken to him a lot today, but we haven't had the emotional reunion yet! God I am gonna be a wreck! Stupidly had I not been at the stables it all could have been over with now, but I guess all good things come to those who wait. Was hoping he was gonna be here for the night, but at 7.30 he needed sleep...not much chance of that if he stayed here tonight!!!! I am so damn happy! *insert manic grin* But I swear that man never stops working...we will have to change that! Basically he was a driver down, so stepped in, hell they have coped without him for 6 months, a few more days aint gonna hurt love!!!!
So roll on the emotional reunion, lubs ya all xxxx

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domestic goddess said...

caonfaww this is great news babes, even though i dont know the ins and outs, you sound teh happiest i have cyber heard you in ages, ahve a great night babes,

big hugs
anna x